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Micro-XRF in the exploration space allows for a quick, cost effective way of understanding samples. 

It can be used in a variety of contexts including gold exploration, nickel explorationlithium exploration, as well as oil and gas. 

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thinsections mineral mapping micro XRF
Mineral Mapping

One of the greatest appeals of the micro-XRF is being able to map samples to mineral groups.


See deeper detail, go further than a microscope and gain a true understanding of samples and mineral systems contained within. 

Elemental Mapping

Break down samples further with elemental mapping. 

See where elements are distributed in a sample and gain a larger appreciation for the relationship between elements in a sample. 

Image by Zugr
Work Flow

Incorporating micro-XRF into a work flow can be cost effective, time saving and produces comparable results to other common analytical methods. 

Sampling Methodology

The sampling methodology involved with the micro-XRF is cost efficient and highly efficient. 

Mineral Map
Elementa Application
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