With such a new technology, it is important to continue the work in the space of research and development. 

As a company, Portable Spectral Services pride ourselves on continuous research that benefits clients, and academics alike. 

We also appreciate and acknowledge the work of others. Please use this a resource area for current and exciting research in the space of micro-XRF. 

Portable Spectral Services uses the opportunity to present current research developments and findings at various conference, and industry related events year-round. 

Presentations are a great way for us to show our work in a bite size, easy to absorb way to a variety of audiences, whilst simultaneously raising the caliber and appreciation for micro-XRF.  

Professor Spectrum is a collaborative YouTube channel between Portable Spectral Services and Geochemical Services. 

It aims to educate, informa and entertain viewers about spectral technology and its possibilities in a variety of contexts. 


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