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Elemental Mapping.

Micro X-ray Fluorescence (μXRF) spectroscopy is a rapid and non-destructive technique used to quickly acquire qualitative geochemical data at high spatial resolution (i.e. µm-scale).


Measurements can be collected under normal atmospheric conditions (air) or vacuum.  Detectable elements range from sodium (Na) to uranium (U), and the use of the vacuum down to 20 mbar significantly improves the analysis of light elements.


The mapping function produces 2D compositional maps by collecting an entire x-ray spectrum for each pixel in a grid. The large vacuum chamber (WxDxH: 600 mm x 350 mm x 260 mm) enables the qualitative element maps to show the spatial distribution and abundance of major, minor and trace elements at a macro- and micro-scale. 


Onboard Software 

With the use of the Bruker M4 TORNADO analysing software; advanced mineral identification , elemental and characterisation (AMICS) software, maps are customisable to the users preference. The user has the flexibility to export single element maps, or overlay multiple elements of interest to create illuminating maps. The software provides the ability to customise, including colours, names and scales. Deconvolution of key elements is also available to be able to showcase different details taken from the scan.

The below scans are highly customised to help demonstrate the various elemental maps that can be created with the provided Bruker M4 TORNADO software. 

Orbicular Granite Elemental Map
Mount Magnet, Western Australia
Orbicular Granite Mosaic
orbicular granite mosaic microXRF

Sample courtesy of Geochemical Services Pty Ltd

Copyright Portable Spectral Services

Lithium-Caesium-Tantalum Pegmatite
Sinclair Caesium Deposit, Western Australia
Lithium-Caesium-Tantalum Mosaic
lithium caesium tantalum pegmatite_mosaic

Sample courtesy of Pioneer Resources Limited 

Copyright Portable Spectral Services

Collapsed Ferruginous Saprolite
MKD5 nickel sulphide deposit, Western Australia
Collapsed ferruginous saprolite mosaic
collapsed ferruginous saprolite_mosaic microXRF

Sample courtesy of Geochemical Services Pty Ltd

Copyright Portable Spectral Services

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