Mineral Mapping.

Mineral distribution maps are produced using the Advanced Mineral Identification and Characterisation (AMICS) software. The AMICS software has been developed to use the Bruker M4 TORNADO XRF spectral data files for rapid and efficient data interpretation.


The software database is comprised of more than 2,000 mineral spectra and is designed to produce quick and easy automated identification and quantification of minerals, based on the XRF spectra.  Library spectra are computer generated; however individual spectra for specific minerals of interest can be manually added to the library to satisfy specific sample requirements.


The AMICS software employs a simulated mineral mixture gradient algorithm that provides robust mineral boundary identification. Once a mineral library has been created for an individual rock or rock type, the mineralogy of solid samples can be identified quickly using the AMICS software.

Mineral identification
Distribution and texture

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Quick Screening for Ore

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