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Sampling Methodology.

Micro-XRF technology can be a cost-saving and efficient addition to the workflow of any mining and exploration project.


The minimal to no sample preparation, small spot size (down to 25 µm) and quick scanning time, makes the Bruker M4 TORNADO a great instrument of choice for investigating the spatial distribution of major, minor and trace elements of a sample. With a selection of representative samples this can then be extrapolated to a deposit scale and used to understand the mineral association and liberation throughout an ore body.


The micro-XRF can also be used as a pre-cursor to SEM/MLA/TIMA studies, as a cost-saving method for identifying samples that require the costly process of preparation and analysis. Prospective samples can be scanned with the micro-XRF and sections of interest can then be flagged for further sample preparation for analysis, while others may have sufficient chemical and textural information provided by the micro-XRF study to eliminate the need for further investigation.

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