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pXRF Vs. Micro-XRF.

Micro-XRF and portable XRF analysers use very similar technology. 


These are the key features that separate these analytical techniques from each other. 

Portable XRF Spot Size*

Micro-XRF Spot Size*

* Visual comparison - not to scale

Micro-XRF X-Ray Stage

micro xrf beam


Focusing X-ray optic


X-ray Source

Micro XRF Bruker M4 TORNADO
Portable xrf beam

X-ray Source



Portale XRF Bruker S1 Titan
Portable XRF Bruker Tracer5g

Portable XRF X-Ray Stage

Figure 1: Micro-XRF X-ray beam. 

Courtesy of Bruker. 

Figure 2: Portable-XRF X-ray beam. 

Courtesy of Bruker. 

Portable XRF Analyser

  • Portable spectrometer

  • Samples should be homogenized

  • Focus on quantification in 1D

  • Reasonable elemental range:

    • Na11 to U92 (TRACER)

    • Mg12 to U92 (TITAN)

  • Open beam

  • Spot Size:​
    • 8mm​

    • 5mm

    • 3mm

Micro-XRF Spectrometer

  • Lab spectrometer

  • Interlocked system

  • Samples can be heterogeneous 

  • Can quantify but focused on 2D maps

  • Large elemental range:

    • Na11 to U92 (M4)

    • C6 to U92 (M4 PLUS)

  • Spot Size:​
    • 25µm

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