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General Exploration

Using micro-XRF in exploration can allow numerous questions to be answered, and ideas about a place to form. 

Image by Shane McLendon
Gold Exploration

The small spot size the micro-XRF offers is particularly substantial as the concentration of gold will be evident in the data as will be above the limit of detection. 

Image by Dominik Vanyi
Nickel Exploration

Nickel exploration can also be useful for identifying the mineral association and location of undesirable elements in NiS deposits such as Zn, As and Pb, and to track them through an ore body, amongst many other ongoing benefits. 

Image by Bruna Fiscuk
Lithium Exploration

Micro-XRF technology can be a useful tool for accurately identifying lithium-bearing minerals e.g. lepidolite, eucryptite, petalite, zinnwaldite, amblygonite and spodumene and determining the textures and chemical zoning of these minerals on a macro- and micro-scale.

Image by Chris Liverani
Oil and Gas

Understanding the chemical features of the host rocks during drilling programs can help in making critical decisions within a reasonable time frame, with line scans and high-quality maps produced quickly using the Bruker M4 TORNADO.