Learn the basic theory behind micro-XRF and why it is such a powerful tool to use. 

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Most µXRF instruments use a theoretical quantification method called fundamental parameterisation. 

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By mapping the qualitative geochemistry of a sample, the spatial chemical variability can enable crucial textural and mineralogical features to be identified and interpreted, that may otherwise not be visible or readily distinguishable using other methods

Portable XRF Vs Micro-XRF

Portable XRF and micro-XRF are very similar technologies.

So what is the difference? and why does it matter?

Pollucite_Sr scan micro-XRF
Spectral Technology

Micro-XRF is a powerful tool that can be used in collaboration with other spectral technology. 

This can include portable XRF, Raman, FTIR, and SWIR/NIR. 

Each separate technology have its benefits and weaknesses that when used together can create a valuable data set.